Winter is coming..


Cool weather is not often something you associate with the Gold Coast.. While most of the year we bask in the sun and we have a shorter winter than most doesn’t mean it doesn’t get cool here in this piece of paradise. Especially for those of us who live in the hinterland in a pole home where you can feel the cold come up through the floor..

So instead of putting up with this uncomfortable chill, and dressing like an Eskimo, why not still wear your budgies and thongs in winter while at home relaxing near your new gas heater. Then put some easy ocean listening on, lay on a beach towel near your new heater and you can be at the beach virtually (like with most other things in this current climate) in that warmth, until winter says bon voyage and summer returns with all its Sun, surf and summer fun. As an added bonus you will have less washing since your wearing less clothes!!

Your probably thinking how much would it be to install this fiery beauty? Well why not find out! Just contact us via our contact box, we are happy to get back to you via phone, email or text. There is no harm in getting a price to find out what your up for and if you had any other questions regarding gas we would be more than happy to help.. Sorry we cant help with flatulence that’s a different type of Gas, one that may burn but only something a GP may be able to help with..

So if you live out somewhere in the hinterland such as beautiful Bonogin, terrific Tallai or marvellous Mudgeereba and your starting to feel the night chill get in touch with us at AJB Plumbing and we can help light your fire.

Winter is coming - Winter is coming..