Gas And Instantaneous Hot Water

One of the benefits if you have either natural gas on your property or LPG bottles is that you can have either of these heat your hot water systems.

There are two main types of gas hot water systems Instantaneous and Storage.

Instantaneous – Instantaneous gas hot water systems operate by heating the water instantaneously or as you use it. This works when a hot tap is opened in your home and a flow senses the water flow this then ignites the gas burner that heats the cold water that passes through the copper pipes, the water is then heated to the required temperature and once the hot tap is shut off so does the hot water system meaning you only create as much hot water as you need.

There are a variety of instantaneous systems on the market some of these brands include Rinnai, Bosh, Rheem, Dux & Aquamax.

Rinnai – Rinnai are the most popular brand that we have installed so far. They have a range of different heaters and accessories such as water controllers which help you to control the temperature of the water that comes out of your tap which is great for when you have small children as you can safely control the temperature of the water before they get in the bath or shower. For more information on the Rennai Continuous flow hot water systems you can click on the link below

Bosch – Bosch are another good brand, which have an option for an internal continuous flow hot water system which is great if you live in an apartment. They also have blue tooth connectivity where you can control the water temperature using an app. To find out more about what Bosch have to offer click on the link below

Rheem – Rheem is one of Australia’s favourite brands of hot water we all know them for “Steady, hot and strong”. Rheem also have a variety of continuous flow hot water systems which you can check out below to see if they have one that is right for you?

Dux – Dux is another great brand and they seem to have more warranty that other brands on their continuous range instead of a 10 year warranty on the heat exchange they have a 12 year warranty. To find out more information you can click on the links below.

Aquamax – Is probably one of the cheaper products on the market but in our opinion works just as well as the others and is a great option if you are on a bit of a budget. You

Storage – Gas storage is another option and is great if you just want to swap an existing gas heater that is no longer working with a new one. These can come in slightly cheaper as there is no need to install a power point or upgrade your current gas pipe works, but they are not as efficient as the gas continuous flow. These also come in a range of brands including Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, and Aquamax.

If you’re unsure of which way to go when it comes to either storage or Continuous flow we can guide you as to what we think will best suite your needs and budget. So if you would like a quote or have a question please fill out our quick contact form and we would be happy to help you.

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