Electric Hot Water

If you have electricity and water in your home there is good news for you! You can install and electric hot water system and yes you can have hot water! This may come as a surprise to you but we are lucky enough to be able to heat our water up with electricity this is done with the help an element and a thermostat.

How does an electric hot water system work? There are 3 significant parts to an electric hot water system. Think of the element, thermostat and tank being in a relationship with each other, they all have significant purpose. The hot water tank holds the water, the element heats up the water and the thermostat monitors the water temperature.

What is a thermostat? – A thermostat is like the brains of the Electric Hot water system. It senses when the temperature of the water drops it tells the element to switch on to heat up the water.

What is an element? If you have a toaster, next time you cook your toast you will notice little wires that heat up in order to cook your toast. Well, a bigger version of this is installed in your Electric storage hot water system, this heats up the water and is controlled by the thermostat.

  • Electric hot water systems also require a relief valve, this releases any condensation.
  • Electric hot water systems can operate in 2 different ways one being on continuous power and the other on off peak relay.

Continuous power – Continuous power is suited to those who continually run out of hot water while on an off peak relay. Another way to solve the problem of running out of hot water this is to upgrade your tank to a larger one or reduce the use of hot water by timing your showers and boiling the jug for the washing up.

Off peak – this is the most common way people use electricity to heat up their hot water. The off peak relay turns on once or twice throughout a 24 hour period. In this time it heats up the hot water and the tank stores it until you use it.

Electric Hot water systems come in a range of sizes to suite at range of different needs. Below is a guide that can help you decide what size electric hot water system your home or business might require.

  • 50L – 1 bedroom flat, small office or to service a kitchen.
  • 125L – 1 bedroom flat or studio.
  • 215L – 2-3 bedroom home.
  • 315L – 4 bedroom home
  • 415L – 5 bedroom home.

If your home is larger than the guidelines above or your kitchen and bathroom are at opposite ends of the house and you have to wait a while for hot water to come to the kitchen sink, you may require 2 Electric hot water systems.

No matter what your Electric hot water installation requires we can assist you by listening to what it is you want from your hot water system. We can size up the tank you need, relocating your current one, or make repairs to one that is not working efficiently.

If you have any questions we would be happy to help. Please fill out the quick contact form or give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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