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  1. Cleaning gutters – Keeping your gutters clean not only helps keep the storm water that the roof collects flowing down the storm water drains, but it also important in protecting your home against bushfire, as embers can fall into the gutters and the dried debris can catch a light and before you know it you won’t have any gutters to clean! We at AJB Plumbing can clean your gutters, ensure water is getting away, clear any blockages that you may have in your down pipes and help in the prevention of your home being caught up in a bushfire.
  2. Range hood ducting – The smell of lamb chops being cooked on the fry pan to most can be mouthwatering. But when that lamb smell makes its way into your clothes and furniture it’s not so appetizing. So to make sure a lot of that smell is removed it’s a great idea to get a range hood ducted so that the smells escape outside via vent and don’t make their way throughout your home. Ducting a range hood also helps steam to escape and prevents moisture build up on your splash back and other cupboards.
  3. Water rating check for rental property – Water rating checks are needed if you plan to rent out your property and have the tenants pay for their water usage. We can arrange a time that is suited to you, your agent or tenant to come out and test your water rating of your tapware, advise of any fittings that don’t meet the requirements and replace them so that you’re not paying for water you don’t use.
  4. Installation of private meters – If your renting part of your property or running a business where you need to use a significant amount of water and you want to be able to claim that water usage, we can supply and install a private water meter so you can monitor and charge for water usage accordingly.
  5. Change barbeque Jets – Weather you are currently using a gas bottle and want to change to use your natural gas or you were living with natural gas, have relocated and no longer have access to natural gas, we can help you make the adjustment to your BBQ Jets so they operate correctly with the correct gas.
  6. Installation of water filters – If you water taste more like a swimming pool and you want cleaner tasting water a water filter is a great way to get rid of those impurities. There are a couple of options when it comes to water filters: the first is to just filter the water in your kitchen. The second option is you can get one which will filter the water throughout you’re whole home, which is necessary if you are on tank water.
  7. Agricultural Plumbing – AJB Plumbing also have experience in installing pumps, fogger lines, gas outlets and irrigation for agricultural purposes so weather you need to keep the chicks warm or the Turkeys cold we can assist you with a wide variety of different agricultural requirements.

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