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Does your toilet sound like it have just been flushed but no one has actually used it? Is a dripping tap keeping you up at night? Can’t turn your tap on or off? These are just some common problems we come across when it comes to leaking taps and toilets.

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Leaking Taps

Types Of Taps:

  1. Taps With Washers– Taps with washers are taps that have small rubber valves that sit on an opening called a ‘seat’. When you turn the tap handle to the left or anticlockwise, the pressure of the water lifts the valve off the seat and allows water to run through the spout of the tap. So in turn when you turn the tap handle to the right or clockwise you push the little valve onto the seat and this seals the water off, o ringsstopping any water coming through. Constant dripping of your taps can be a sign your washers are damaged and worn, or that the seat for your taps has become damaged in which case replacing the washers may not fix the problem. At AJB Plumbing we will come and replace your washers with a good quality washer, we will also replao-ringsand re-grease your taps if possible. We will also check if the seat of your taps need repairs also known as reseating. Once this is complete your taps will be easier to operate and won’t leak anymore.
  2. Ceramic Disc/Quarter Turns– This is where the tap shut off operates inside the spindle (tap) itself. These taps sit on the seat and the water flows through the tap and gets shut off by 2 little ceramic discs that are polished flat to stop any water coming through. When your ceramic disc or quarter turns are leaking it often means they need replacing. Unlike washer taps, quarter turns don’t need as much maintenance as taps that have washers however when they no longer work it often means you need to replace the tapware. AJB Plumbing can remove your existing ceramic disks and replace them with new ones. As a side note, ceramic disc and washer taps are usually interchangeable.
  3. Mixer Taps – These taps are where hot and cold water are mixed before coming out the spout. They operate via a small cartridge that adjusts as your maneuver the tap left being hot, right being cold. Mixer taps are great tapware to have but like ceramic disc and washer taps they can get leaks. This often means a cartridge needs to be replaced or sometimes hoses can become loose and need retightening. AJB Plumbing are able to advise weather its best to replace the cartridge or replace the tap.
    If you can’t turn your tap on or off and it seems jammed this can occur when a washer seizes up. If this is the case AJB Plumbing can come out and repair or replace this for you.
  4. Cracked/Loose Fittings – Sometimes leaks are caused by cracked or loose fittings, this can occur if the joint has become weak and or damaged. We can come out and make repairs to all types of pipe and fittings including copper, Pex pipe (plastic pipe), Gal, and Blueline.

Leaking Toilets

Toilets can have a range of different leaks and like anything mechanical they need to be maintained in order to work most effectively (We all want them to remove what’s in the loo). Sometimes you may find water surrounding your toilet on the floor. This can be due to a number of issues.

The first thing could be that the tap (mini cock) connecting water to your toilet can be faulty due to wear and tear and may need replacing. Another issue is having a cracked cistern. This is where the tank better known as a cistern that holds the water for your toilets flush has a crack in its shell. If your cistern has a crack the entire tank will need to be replaced if possible. Sometimes the pipe (flush pipe) between the toilet and the cistern can leak this means that the rubbers that create a seal at either end have worn and they need to be changed. At times the base of your toilet (Pan) can also leak this can be if there is a crack in it or if it has been installed incorrectly. At times your toilet may sound like it has water running into the cistern or the bowl, this generally means that the valves that help the toilet to operate correctly are malfunctioning.

No matter the problem that your toilet may have, we at AJB Plumbing can come out and assess what repairs need to be made and give you options that suit and meet your requirements.

If you have a question in regards to toilets or taps or would like some more information, fill out our quick contact form and one of our friendly staff will get back to you.

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