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A clogged drain is an inconvenience and can pose a flooding threat in the home space. AJB Plumbing is fully equipped with the tools and skills required to solve any residential drainage problems. We focus our efforts on finding the cause and fixing it to avoid further damage.

A balanced combination of advanced technology and traditional methods is used to clear drains, toilets and stormwater pipes of any rubble that causes a blockage. We’re always a quick phone call away for residential & commercial plumbing services too, so we can help when you’re in a fix.

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We provide a wide range of drainage services including:

Clearing Blocked Drains 
Drains often get blocked up. It can be your sewer or your stormwater pipes that become affected, whether it’s tree roots blocking your storm water, your toilet is overflowing, or the shower is filling up while you’re trying to get clean, we can assist you with removing any blockages and make any repairs necessary to ensure your pipes flow freely.

Removal And Repairs Of Sewer Or Storm Water
Earthenware or clay pipes as these can be called can become damaged due to old age, tree roots, or they can simply be squashed. We can assist you in upgrading them with PVC Pipes, or just repairing the section of pipe that is damaged depending on your needs. You may have collapsed PVC pipes again from tree roots, ground movement, or from simply digging up the ground and crushing one with a mattock or shovel. We can come out and make repairs to your plastic pipes and help your drainage water run freely again.

Installation Of Drainage For New Homes And Businesses
If you’re building a new home or new business and you need a new drainage system installed we can provide you with all your storm water and sewage needs. We are experienced with new builds and renovations. We can assist you with internal drainage and external drainage.

Investigation And Repairs Of Smelly Drains
Sometimes you can get some unusual smells from your drainage and this can be caused from a number of reasons. We at AJB Plumbing can help you with the smell coming from your drain. We can investigate and explain what the cause of your drain odors are, remove anything that can be causing you issues and will inform you on what you can do to prevent them reoccurring.

Removal Of Debris From Gutters And Downpipes
When it rains are your gutters overflowing with water, down pipes bursting at the seams? Well, it’s time for your gutters and downpipes to get clean! Let us help you by sending out one of our team members to remove the leaves and debris from your gutters to help rainwater get away and to keep your home safe in bushfire season.

Repairs Of Gutters And Down Pipes
sometimes gutters have water pouring out of them not because they are not clean but because they have a hole, have rusted out and sometimes they may have a small crack that needs to be sealed. Downpipes can also deteriorate with time, become damaged after they have been hit or they simply need to be rejoined. AJB Plumbing can provide assistance by repairing or replacing your downpipes and gutters.

Rain Water Tanks
Want to save up the rainwater to use in yourgarden? Need to install a tank as a BASIC ‘s requirement? We can do this for you! We will investigate and provide you with the best options to suit your needs.

Septic Tank Repairs, Checks And Installation
If you’re not connected to town sewerage you need to have your own sewage plant installed and working 24/7! Septic tanks need to be checked and maintained on a regular basis to make sure they work effectively and efficiently. So if you need someone to maintain, repair or install a septic tank contact AJB Plumbing and we can help you.

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No matter what your drainage needs are, we at AJB Plumbing are here to help so if you have a query or would like a quote why not fill out our quick contact form and we can get in touch with you!

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