About Us

Who are we?
We are a husband and wife team who are experts in building relationships with our customers, creating a good tradie experience, and have a passion for helping others find their Plumbing, Drainage and Gas fitting solutions

What sets us apart?

We have a foundation of serving others – The foundation of our business is to serve you. We hold customer service and customer satisfaction as our number 1 priority. We believe that if you’re happy you will have us back again! You will also be able to recommend us to your family and friends confidently, knowing we will provide them with the same customer service you received.

We pride ourselves on our integrity – if we say we are going to be there we will be there and if we are late or a problem should arise we will always contact you as we understand your time is valuable and something we all don’t get back.

We love to problem solve! – A lot of the time plumbing issues can cause problems in our homes and businesses and we love to eliminate problems! Whether it’s a blocked toilet, leaking taps, no hot water, or smells coming from drains we are more than happy to help, and pride ourselves on our ability to solve problems.

We won’t upsell you on something you don’t need! – A lot of companies will offer you vouchers and promotions when you initially contact them, then when they arrive at your home they will upsell you on things you don’t require. We are happy to offer guidance on your plumbing needs but won’t advise you to do anything unnecessary. We want you the customer to be happy with our service so that we in the future we can continue to provide you with all your plumbing solutions.

What services do we provide?

Plumbing for Renovations and New builds – When it comes to extending or building your new home you want the process to be a smooth one and you want only the best. We specialise in new builds and renovations. We won’t take short cuts and will listen to what it is you want and find a way to do it! After all the big Australian dream is to own a home that is perfect for you!

Hot water Installation and Repairs – Weather your hot water is no longer hot or you want to change from electric to gas, we can help you! We will provide advice on repairs or a unit to suit your hot water needs and work out the best hot water solution for you!

Leaking taps and toilets – Water is a valuable resource and can be costly if you have an ongoing leak. The last thing anyone wants to do is flush money down the toilet. So if you have and annoying drip coming from your taps or the toilet has water running into the bowl, give us a call and we can send one of our team members out to fix your leak.

Blocked drains – Blocked drains are a common occurrence. So if water is gurgling in your drains, good chance there is something blocking your waste water from flowing freely. When you call us out we will remove the blockage and look into what you can do to prevent your pipes being blocked again.

Gas Installations – It is now a well-known fact that gas is cheaper than electricity. So if you’re looking to make the switch, or just heat up your house hold, contact us and we can go through your options.

Backflow testing and repairs – Backflow Prevention Devices are designed to reduce the risk of contaminating our clean water in our water mains. Standard water meters have a small check valve in them but if your meter is larger than 25mm you will need a backflow prevention device installed and this is required to be tested annually. We keep record of when your testing is due and make a time with you to come out and test it annually.