Plumbing Provisions

Building? Renovating? Extending? Putting a pool in? Landscaping? Building a retaining wall? Building a shed? Fixing or establishing a garden? Redoing a driveway? Putting in a carport? If your doing any of these things plus some have you asked the questions will I need any plumbing provisions for the future?

It’s a question we at times don’t always think about? Will I one day want to put a hair dressing salon in my garage and work from home? Or perhaps maybe one day you would like to run a family day care and require a mini toilet and sink. Maybe your building a garden and it started out as a weekend project but now is an actual thing you need to water, perhaps it might be an idea to run some irrigation lines? Or maybe you’re a turkey farmer! You have just built 2 sheds but one day would like to extend to 4. Are the waterlines, gas lines that are being plumbed in big enough to run the potential for.? Perhaps you like ripping it up at Currumbin Ally but would prefer the sand stay outside, is there provision for an outdoor shower will you still be able to do that once your driveway is done?

The key to my message here today is that we love to hear of your future plans, for your home or business so please tell us! We will then be able to make suggestions of future provisions. We don’t do this to upsell you as many may think. We do it to save you money and a headache in the future. We don’t believe in providing you with a service you don’t need. We value your business and want you to call us back. We will provide you with considerations and facts that will assist you with what you may have planned in the future, and there is no pressure to go ahead with any suggestions we may make, they are simply suggestions.

Secondly don’t just tell us your plans but tell your builder, electrician and any other trade you think and may be able to assist you with future plans for your property or business, there are some great trades out there that like to think out the box and help you with your planning ideas.

So if your building, renovating, maybe putting in a drive way, and you think you may need some plumbing provisions for a future date, contact us at AJB Plumbing via our contact form or just give us a call and have us come out and assist you so that you don’t end up in a pickle in the future.

Plumbing Provisions - Plumbing Provisions