Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water

While it is defiantly not good for us as humans to lay in the Sun for hours on end it is defiantly great if you have some solar panels on your roof that don’t mind laying there all day collecting heat for the hot water that you will later shower and wash your dishes in.

Solar hot water is a great economical way to have hot water, unfortunately the sun is unpredictable and depending on the time of year and your location will contribute to the amount of hot water solar can produce.
The solution to this is to boost your solar hot water system with the other most economical way of producing hot water- that is, of course gas.

How does this work? – cold water is pumped up to the solar panels on the roof, the water is then heated and returns to a tank to be stored until it is used. Once all the solar water has been used and if the system can’t keep up with the demand of hot water being used then it is time for the sensors to kick in. Sensors tell the gas instantaneous system to switch on and continue the supply of hot water throughout your home. So in essence the gas instantaneous ensures you get hot water whether the sun is out or not.

A gas boosted solar hot water system is the most efficient hot water system on the market. As the energy is produced by the sun and gas. It is a great option if you live in an area where the sunshine changes dramatically throughout the year due to your location.

Solar hot water systems are not the cheapest option due to the system and installation costs. However depending on your budget and overall needs and preferences this is one of the most environmentally friendly options when it comes to hot water systems, and over all will save you in electricity costs.

There are a range of brands that provide Gas boosted solar hot water systems some of these include, Rinnai, Thermann & Dux.

Thermann – Gas boosted Solar systems a great option. Instead of panels on your roof the solar component is made of evacuated tubes which is great. If you ever have to replace the tubes as you only replace the ones that are damaged and you are not up for a whole panel. For more information click on the link below:

Rinnai – Have a great reputation when it comes to gas instantaneous hot water systems. They have a range of options when it comes to gas boosted solar you can check these options out by clicking the link below:

Dux – Another great brand, they have gas boosted solar options. You can also check them out via the link below:

When it comes to the installation of your Gas Boosted Solar hot water system, we at AJB Plumbing would be happy to assist you in seeing if gas boosted solar will suite your home and life style and if this is the case we can install your new gas boosted hot water system. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to fill out the quick contact form and we will be happy to get back to you.

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