Hot Water Installation and Repairs

Hot Water Repair

It is often that we take for granted our hot water until one day your standing in the shower, shampoo in your hair, looking forward to relaxing on the couch after a day at work, then all of a sudden you think to yourself why is my shower getting colder? You adjust the tap and the water is still getting colder so now instead of enjoying that hot shower you’re scrambling to get the shampoo out of your hair and get out of that shower before it is ice cold.

Unfortunately this can’t always be prevented but it can always be fixed.
So if your hot water has simply gone cold or your tank has water leaking out of it, it’s time to get it looked at by a professional. We at AJB Plumbing can do a simple repair of your hot water system, we can change your current gas or electric heater over for a new one. Don’t like where your current one is? We can also see if we can reposition it for you. Do you want to change from the electric system to a gas instantaneous hot water system to save some money on electricity costs?

Want to know what the best option is for you? We are happy to give a simple quote over the phone or if what you want is a little more complex we are happy to come out and give you a free quote to discuss all your options.

There are many options when it comes to hot water systems and at times this can be a challenge. The decision of which one to purchase, especially if you have to make the decision quickly as you may have no hot water, could be quite overwhelming. At AJB Plumbing we understand this and offer guidance and advice to ensure your purchase is the best option possible.

Hot Water System Options

Electric Hot water systems – are often the cheapest option initially but depending on how they are used will depend on whether they are cost effective for you in the long run. They come in different sizes, a 50L or a 80L is suitable for a 1 bedroom home, you next option is a 125L again suitable for a 1 or 2 bedroom home, 160L will suit a 2 bedroom home , 250L suits a 3 bedroom home, 315L is suitable for a 4 bedroom home. The largest size is 400L. When it comes to a brand for an Electric storage system in our opinion they all do a great job and there is no real difference between them except possibly the warranty.

Gas Storage Hot water Systems – these are energy efficient and better for the environment compared to electric water heaters. The general sizing of these are 90L, 135L and a 170L. But these can vary as different systems have different efficiencies and this can affect the size of the tank.

Gas instantaneous – These are the small units that you now see on many new homes and do what they say – heat the water as you use it. These are probably in our opinion the best option on the market, they are small, and rarely have any maintenance issues. These are sized by water flow rates, sizing in general is 16L, 20L and 26L per minute.

Solar hot water systems – These are also a great option for saving on power bills and using the energy of the sun. These come in a variety of options that we are happy to discuss with you.

Heat Pump – Another efficient option is the heat pump. These work in a similar way as a refrigerator but opposite. Instead of transferring the cold from the air they transfer the heat from the air. So they transfer heat instead of generating it. These are an efficient option if you don’t have access to gas and if solar is not an option for you.

If you are thinking of changing your hot water system for something more efficient, need to have an element replaced or just have a question, please fill out our quick contact form or give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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