Social Distancing vs Blocked Drain

As I sit here in my home office in this period of time where we are all in some form of isolation, thinking what on earth could I write about plumbing, that may advise help or assist you at this time, I draw a bit of a blank, until this analogy came up. While we may all be isolated, we are actually extremely well connected just like a sewer system. However sometimes we get blockages! The blockage we all currently face is one of social distancing. When you get a blockage in your sewer system sometimes you can try to fix it yourself, but for the most part you need to contact a plumber to assist you to unblock your drain.

Being isolated especially if you’re someone who lives on their own, or maybe in an abusive relationship can be a bit like a drain blockage, you can try to fix it on your own but most of the time it requires some help. Can I encourage you at this time to not let yourself become backed up. Seek out help if you have a blockage, whether that’s a plumbing one, or one because your alone, one because your overwhelmed or maybe anxious. Call a friend, a family member or maybe someone you have not spoken to in years, it’s up to you to stay connected at this time and there are people out their who would love to hear from you and are probably feeling very similar things.

As we all know there are also some great services out there that can assist you if your struggling such as beyond blue 1300 22 4636, or White ribbon 1800 737 732 for those who may find themselves in an abusive relationship.

If your feeling discouraged at this time can I encourage you, that this period of time is just like a drain blockage, it will be fixed. Sometimes the blockage will need to be removed and sometimes the drainage will need to be redirected. We are resilient people and we are stronger together than apart. Stay connected, share memories, ideas and laughs, we can get through this together yet apart.

If you live in the beautiful city of the Gold Coast, whether you’re in Nerang, Southport, Currumbin or even over the border in Tweed and you get a blocked drain and need some assistance give us a call at AJB Plumbing we would be more than happy to help you from a 1.5 m distance of course.

Social distancing vs blockages - Social Distancing vs Blocked Drain