Plumbing Services – Sydney & Gold Coast

The system in our homes, schools, hospitals and businesses that provide us with the privilege of clean water for drinking, washing, and flushing those ‘nasty’s’ away is our Plumbing System.

We at AJB Plumbing are pleased to say that we understand how this system works. We can provide you, your family and or your staff with the water facilities you need.

We can provide high-quality plumbing for your new home or business to ensure the everyday operation of your water system is as practical and efficient as possible.

Is a leaking tap putting an extra dent on your water bill? Don’t waste any more time or money, give us a call and get any leaks repaired.

Leaks in the walls and ceilings can often be difficult to find, however, once the leak has been found we can make the necessary repair and prevent any further damage.

It can be very inconvenient when you have no hot water so if your need a new hot water system we can assist you with that too.

Is it time to update your tapware? This simple change is a great way to modernize your bathroom and can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom.

Do you have a tap that is in an inconvenient location? Need it moved to where it would be more practical for your everyday use? We are able to move a tap from its current location to one that is preferred by you.

We can also install water saving devices for your home or rental property.

Are your pipes knocking in the wall? We can see if we can find a solution to resolve that water hammer.

Have you changed the washers and find your taps to be still leaking? Sometimes a damaged washer is not the only cause of your leaking taps.

Maybe you need to have water run to your fridge so you can enjoy cold water and ice on tap.

Been bathing the kids and noticing the water is brown and not due to some extra floaties in the bath, you may need your plumbing renewed if your current system is a gal or in could just be your hot water is on its way out.

Would you like to have cleaner drinking water? Installing a water filter can ensure you are drinking cleaner water and can remove that chlorine taste that you may have noticed.

Have you opened a new café or restaurant and need water connected to a coffee machine or commercial dishwasher, we are also experienced in commercial fit outs and are equipped to help you start your new venture right.

There are so many different plumbing needs if we have not mentioned your plumbing requirement why not fill out a quick contact form or give us a call so that we can answer any questions you may have or come out and have a look at your plumbing requirements and provide you with a free quote.