Gas Services And Installation – Sydney & Gold Coast

Most of us like to talk about gas, after all, it is a funny subject like the time dad let one rip…oops wrong type of Gas!!

The Gas we are meant to be talking about is the type that produces energy, although the gas some of our family members produce you would think could light up the whole town! After all, they do evacuate the lounge room!

What is gas? Gas is an air like fluid substance that can produce energy. The 2 main types of gas that are predominately used in our homes and businesses are Natural Gas and LPG. Both LPG and Natural Gas are odorless and colorless. Therefore both types of gas have an odor added to it so it can be detected as it can not only be highly volatile and explosive but can also be a silent killer due to the production of carbon monoxide which in high doses if breathed in can cause carbon monoxide poisoning.  So it is always very important to get any repairs done to a gas leak you may have.

Gas is one of the most economical ways to provide heat. Natural Gas is the most commonly used however if you’re not lucky enough to have access to natural gas you can then use LPG. To find out if your street has access to Natural Gas contact your local Energy provider.

What Appliances Can Be Connected To Gas?

Gas Hot Water Systems – One of the most cost effective ways to have hot water is to have your water heated up with gas. The gas instantaneous hot water systems are a great solution as they are small and energy efficient. Like the name suggests, the water is heated up instantaneously therefore producing hot water as you use it. The next option is a gas storage unit these are a little bit cheaper to purchase if you’re on a budget but are not as energy efficient.

Gas Cooktop/Oven – One of the most energy efficient ways to cook is to cook with Gas. You will notice on all the great cooking shows that they are all cooking with gas as it is the best option when it comes to controlling the heat of your cooktop.

Gas Room Heater – Well we all love to be warm on those cold winter nights snuggled up against a nice warm fire or heater. Gas heaters are the best way to warm your home, you don’t need to go chop down a tree out in the cold to place on the fire! You can have good heat with the push of a button and have better control of the room temperature.

BBQ – Most people, especially us Australians love a BBQ! There is not much that doesn’t taste great when put on the Barbie! And even better if the gas you use in your home is connected you won’t run out in the middle of that family get together and be trying to get the sausages sizzled for all those hungry mouths.

Gas has a lot of economic benefits and is easily accessible. We at AJB Plumbing are able to come and discuss how you can get the most from your gas. If you want to find our more why not fill out our quick contact form and we can get back to you.