Water Filtration Systems

If you have ever had filtered water at your home, a restaurant or perhaps a friend’s place and then had a glass of water out of an unfiltered tap, most people can taste a significant difference. While it is often said water has no taste this can be true, if its filtered. However, with unfiltered water, sometimes you can experience it tasting like the local public pool.

Having access to filtered water is not only great for the taste, but also for your health. Reducing the consumption of chemicals such as chlorine, and sediment such as dirt and rust.

When it comes to purchasing a filtration system there are a lot of different options, but there are generally 2 main types for around the home. These include an under-sink filter or and a whole house filter. So let’s break it down.

The Under Sink Filter.

This is what it says it is. A filter that is put in place under your kitchen sink. These can have a separate faucet (tap) of their own or can run through your actual kitchen tap. There are a couple of considerations when choosing between the 2. Do you want all your water filtered for cooking, washing up and drinking? Or are you just after access to filtered drinking water? Will you need to drill a hole in your stone bench top to put the new tap in? or can it be put through your sink?

The Whole House Filter.

This is a filter that is generally used on tank water but many homes with access to mains water often go for this option also. This filtration system is connected to your main water line and generally filters all water coming into your home, including garden taps

Filtered water systems come in many different options. Systems will include a filter, but others also add things such as carbon cartridges and ultraviolet lamps.

Whether you live by the beach at Burleigh or out in the hinterland of Bonogin, filtered water is of benefit to any home. If you have any questions regarding filtration systems or need a plumber in Burleigh to connect yours, contact us at AJB Plumbing we would be more than happy to assist you.

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