Sub Soil Drainage Issues

Normally when we think of stormwater drainage issues, we think of stormwater not having enough drainage to cope with the amount of run off. However, there is another issue that is not as common, but can make certain areas of your yard look more like one of the wetlands we find here on the Gold Coast.

So what causes these swamp like back or front yards that you find is still wet for weeks after it has rained? What essentially happens is your yard becomes like a swimming pool. Water flows on from ground higher than that of your yard. This is more common with properties that perhaps back onto a hill, have retaining walls, and we have also seen it in the sandpits of childcare centers.

Subsoil drainage issues seems to be more apparent in the Gold Coast hinterland Areas such as Mudgeereba, Bonogin, Reedy creek and Tallai dues to the big, beautiful hills and many creeks that run through these areas.

To explain it in a more visual text the image below shows what happens with subsoil flooding.

subsoil drainage - Sub Soil Drainage Issues

So what can be done if you think you may have a subsoil blocked drainage issue? The simplest answer is installation of agline drains to help assist with the redirection of water. However extra stormwater drainage and stormwater pits may also be needed depending on the circumstance.

 If this is something you suspect is going on at your place and you would like to get a professional opinion on what is required to rectify your swampy back yard, get in touch with us for a no obligation chat about a solution for your unwanted swimming pool.

Swampy Backyard 1024x1024 600x600 - Sub Soil Drainage Issues