Repair vs Rerun

When it comes to leaks in and around the home the first thing most people think is that they need to get it repaired.

In some cases, this is not always the best option. What we find sometimes is that the scenario is better suited to a rerun.

We recently attended a job in Mudgeereba where a property had already had several leaks on this particular line. When we found a leak under the concrete slab, we suggested to the owner rather than repair the water line now and then again in the future (due to its past track record), that that section of pipework be reran. This may cost a little more upfront but who knows how many times that line will continue to leak and then when cost of all the repairs will outweigh the cost of the rerun.

Another instance that this may be a better option is if you have a leak that may run under concreted areas or in areas that are not accessible to make the repairs. For instance, if you have a water line running under a driveway or that is significantly deep.

We recently came across a job like this at Currumbin. The leaking water line had been ran in the same trench as the drainage and it was 850mm deep. Because of the location of this, again a rerun was much better suited than a repair.

This is a classic example of if we were to repair the pipe and it leak again there would be yet another cost of a repair and wastage of water. Rather than do that, it was best we rerun the line so that it was sufficiently fixed rather than encouraging another potential cost that could have been dealt with by just rerunning the pipe.

If you have had this issue in your home of a water line that has had several leaks than it might be a wise decision to look at getting that part of the line rerun. If you would like to chat to someone regarding a situation like this or you have any other plumbing queries don’t hesitate to call, we are more than happy to provide you with suggestions.

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