To Bath or Not to Bath?

As plumbers, we have noticed a common trend that has been occurring in recent years- people have been opting out of including a bath in their bathroom renovation. So, in this blog I wanted to share some ways of narrowing down if you should include a bath in your new bathroom and make some suggestions on what may work with some different scenarios.

So, some things to consider when renovating in relations to a bath:

Do you use and or enjoy taking a bath or will there be others or future grandchildren that will make use of a bath? If the answer is yes, the next consideration I would ask: is your bathroom tight on room? If you are tight on room, then a bath and shower combination would be another possibility. While these tend to be seen as more of an “old school” solution, this does not mean that you must sacrifice on style. These can look just as nice as a separate bath and shower, however they do require you to step in and out of them. Would this be an issue for you now or in the future?

So, you have room for a bath but what size? Baths do come in various sizes. If you lack room, you may want to opt for a smaller size. However, if you are tall then this potentially could be uncomfortable, and I would suggest that taller people to purchase a larger bath. On the contrary if you are shorter in stature, don’t automatically opt for a large bath simply because it looks nice and grand, speaking from experience you can end up lying in the bath and sliding down, having to correct your position so you and your book don’t end up under the bubbles. If you are looking to buy a bath that will fit in your bathroom, I suggest you sit in it if the supplier will let you. This will give you an idea if you going to be able to use it comfortably.

Not a lot of room and a bath not a priority? What would be an alternative to a bath? Well, there is no alternative to an actual bath. Something you could install instead to assist with washing babies, children and perhaps even your pet is a handheld shower rose. To go along with this, especially for babies you can also buy a showering chair. Another thing that is quite common is a double shower head. These are great if one likes the shower hotter than the other and are more likely to be found in an ensuite.

Having a bath is really a personal choice. If you’re renovating your bathroom anywhere on the Gold Coast such as Currumbin, Mudgeeraba, Worongary or Varsity Lakes and would like to know what is possible with the lay out etc, and need some professional and practical free advice contact us at AJB Plumbing we are more than happy to make suggestions and provide a free quote.

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