Plumbing Hints and Tips for the Holiday Season

As we head in to the festive season where holidays are high on the agenda and embarking on road trips to see family and friends, or if we are lucky enough to live on the Gold Coast we may be thinking about more of a staycation, then there are a few things we suggest you do before you leave home when it comes to your plumbing to ensure you return to your house in one piece.

  1. Turn your water off at the main tap. This should be done if you’re planning to go away and have no one staying at the property and no appliances that require water while you are gone such as an irrigation system. The purpose in turning the water off at then main is to prevent or limit any unwanted leaks that may occur while you are away. Leaks are more likely at this time as pressure builds up in water lines and any flexi hoses that may have weak spots can have the potential to burst and flood your home. We have had countless stories of this happening while people are away, causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. There have been incidences such as ceilings falling due to the amount and weight of the water from the water leak caused in an upstairs bathroom.

If for some reason you need to leave your water main on, we suggest you get your flexi hoses checked by a plumber before you go away. Flexi’s that have signs of rust or that appear to be kinked or strained are considered to have weak points and have the potential to cause leaks.

  1. Clear out your gutters. This task is high priority for homes that are surrounded or are in close proximity to bush land. As we saw in 2019 and hope never to see again, Australia encountered its worst bushfire season on record. By clearing out gutters we can reduce the risk of embers catching a lighting in our gutters. Not only is this exercise important in bushfire season but is will also help with the current consistent rains we are experiencing. Clearing your gutters will prevent storm water blockages from leaves and debris, especially since it looks like it is going to be a wet summer.
  2. When you return from being away on your holiday, it’s a good idea to boil the jug and pour boiling water down your sinks and basins. This will loosen up any muck that may has solidified while you were absent and break down any potential blockage building up.

So, whether you are staying local this year and exploring the beaches of beautiful Burleigh or Heading off to see family and friends who live interstate, ensure you take out these small precautions so you don’t return home to find things aren’t quite the same as you left them!

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