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Laundries are the places where clothes pile up. Dirty clothes, clean clothes, folded clothes & lost socks! They also tend to be where all the cleaning equipment is kept like mops, vacuums, chemicals and cleaners. The definition of laundry is a “room in a house, clothes and linen can be washed and ironed”. But I think it should read “a room in a house, clothes and linen can be washed and ironed, and where washing, ironing and folding never end”.

The key components to a laundry are a washing machine and a big laundry tub (if you have the room of course). There are 2 types of washing machines and you probably already are aware of them: a top loader and a front loader. Front loaders have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they have the convenience of being tucked under a laundry bench so that you  can utilise space for folding and or ironing.

But what if you have a top loader but now wish to put in a front loader? What does it mean for your plumbing and drainage requirements? Depending on your current set up, for the most part you should be able to still connect the existing washing machine taps and drainage to your new machine. However, this can look a bit unsightly with hoses running everywhere, or if you want a benchtop above the washing machine, you may need to drill a hole in it to allow for the water supply hose and possibly the power lead. The alternative to this is to get the plumbing and power points moved so that they are below your new benchtop height. Making these plumbing modifications will then ensure hoses and drain are tucked away and out of everyday sight.

One of the bonus items in the Laundry I currently love is what is called a heat pump dryer.

Gone are the days of dryers being expensive to run, the one I have has a 7-star rating. People often look at me funny when I tell them I use the dryer a lot, especially living here on the Gold Coast. But what I have come to learn living here is that the weather can change dramatically and quickly. I can not count how many times I could see the rain coming over the mountain side of where we live, and I had to do the scramble to get the clothes off the line. The great thing about these dryers is that they are super energy efficient, you can hook up the condensation line (drain) into the drain of your laundry sink, and the laundry doesn’t fog up because all the condensation has been removed so you don’t have water dripping down your walls like the water falls of Currumbin and Tallebudgera Valley. I am no longer spending time hanging washing out, running after it in the weather and if I need to do a couple of loads at night I can. There have been some huge benefits to having this piece of machinery in my laundry.

So, if you’re looking to make some modifications to your laundry or have any questions, please fill out a quick contact form and we are more than happy to help you out.

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