The Truth about Toilets

Toilets, they don’t get that much credit. When most people think of or talk about toilets, they either think they are disgusting, or they bring about laughter. I have always wondered why we as humans find disgusting things hilariously funny. But toilets I believe need a little more credit. We spend a lot of time on the toilet. Many great ideas are born out of time on the toilet, they embrace and take away some of our most embarrassing moments. They are a place of solitude if you don’t have children and remember to lock the door. If they had eyes, they would see things they shouldn’t and can share in the most private of moments.

So, while a toilet can be disgusting, why not make it an inviting place? After all, we all probably spend at least 1 hour a day in there.

As plumbers we have seen a lot of toilets!

So here are our top tips for setting up a nice space for the place that is no one’s favourite spot but is the one place you want to be the most inviting right?

  1. Always have the toilet roll on the right way, yes there is such a thing and the answer to that question is its meant to hang over! You don’t want it wiping the wall before you know where.
  2. Always have a spare toilet roll or 2 at hand (we have all been there when there is not).
  3. Hang something on the back of the door that works for your home, it might be some toilet jokes, an encouraging statement, prayer, brain teasers or even a “Where’s Wally”?
  4. A nice thing for the ladies to have are some feminine products kept in a small box.
  5. Let’s be real now, we have all taken our phone into the toilet so another great accessory for any bathroom is a toilet roll holder with a shelf. Heck, I even know an electrician that put in a power point so he could charge his phone.
  6. A lovely shelf next to the toilet is also great if you want to store a couple of books, some air freshener, those extra rolls and a diffuser to keep the room smelling fresh.
  7. Having a mat is also nice to have under the feet, unless you have little boys in training.
  8. A toilet brush is a must! And if you have a safe place, I even like to leave some toilet cleaner handy.
  9. Last but not the least, modernise your toilet. If your current toilet is looking like it should be in the tip at Burleigh instead of a throne in your home, if it has seen its fair share of number one’s and two’s, then give it an upgrade, it’s amazing the difference the look of a new toilet can make to your bathroom.

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