The Benefits of Asking a Licensed Plumber 

A few weeks back we had a customer call us from Reedy Creek with concerns that water was seeping through a cracked storm water pipe underneath his concrete, that was causing his house to move. He had pre-determined that he was going to rerun the storm water line to prevent any further damage before we had investigated further. He was about to embark on ripping out his concrete worth thousands of dollars to rectify the suspected cracked storm water pipe.

Lucky for him he gave us a call first, over the phone we were able to suggest that we come out and investigate a bit further. After investigation we suggested to get the storm water pipes inspected beforehand to determine if in fact they were causing his house to move.

After the pipe inspection was completed, it was found that there were no cracks/breaks in the storm water pipes and that the reason for the ground sinking had nothing to do with plumbing or drainage.

Should we have just come out and not inspected the storm water drains, rerun the storm water pipes as per the customer’s request, costing him thousands in removing concrete, replacing drainage and re pouring of concrete, only to find the actual issue of the house sinking had not been resolved. Not only would this have cost this customer time and money for an outcome he did not want, but also, we (or the plumber) would have looked incompetent. Instead, he paid a few hundred to find out the facts when it came to his storm water line.

The moral of this story is that if you suspect a plumbing issue has surfaced at your place, don’t assume, it could cost you more than you bargained for. For sound and professional advice give us a call, we are more than happy to investigate the issue and walk you through your options.

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