Tapware Tips

If you’re doing a new bathroom, or just want to freshen it up, choosing tapware can be a little like choosing a pram for your first baby. It’s not something you needed to think about until now, and while it can look good in a shop and function well there you can often take it home and be like, oh I didn’t think about being able to fit all the pram in my Mums Car!

So here are some practical things to think about when purchasing tapware for your new bathroom.

First consider the style of your house and new bathroom to be. Does your home have a country feel? Is it modern with a sleek design? Or is it a bit more industrial? Perhaps its Hamptons or French provincial? Once you have an idea around the style head on to Pintrest or google and look at these types of bathrooms, this will help provide you with idea and see the types of tapware people have used in different styles of bathrooms. Put a collage together of your tiles, colours and pictures of your vanity, bath and tapware this will be able to give you more of a visual of how your new bathroom can look and feel.

Practicality- think about how its going to work for you? Do you prefer a mixer tap or individual hot and cold taps? When it comes to a shower head do you want it to come out of the wall or from the ceiling? Do you require a handheld shower head that can be incredibly helpful for cleaning, having small children, the elderly or disable, did you want both options having a rain head and a handheld shower rose? Builders Discount Warehouse Nerang has some great options and they are open to the public so you can go and check them out. There are also some other plumbing supplies along the Gold Coast that may be able to that may be able to assist you such as Samios at Burleigh, alternatively we also have some access to other providers if your looking for something in particular.

The next consideration is cost and are the items your purchasing of Australian Standard? Cost of the tapware doesn’t end with the purchase of the tapware itself, you also need to consider the cost of having a plumber install the tapware you have preference too, this leads us to the most important consideration of ……

Can it be done?? Can the tapware you want work in your bathroom? That’s where we come in, we can come and have a look and provide you with a no obligation free quote and provide you with suggestions and any alternatives that you may not of thought of, so that you can get the best results for your new bathroom.

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