Sacrificial Anodes

A sacrifice is something we give up or offer. If you’re a parent we make many of these, we sacrifice our sleep, our hot meals, our money, date nights at Burleigh, our privacy at toilet time amongst many other things. But we make these sacrifices because we love and adore our children. (99% of the time) We make these sacrifices to hopefully raise our children to be good people, to achieve goals and because as parents we want what is best for our little offspring. How does this relate to plumbing or hot water systems you may be thinking? …

So in your storage hot water system there is something known as a sacrificial anode, think of this like the parent of your hot water system. At about the age of 5 your hot water system becomes like a teenager, the parent has stepped back (the anode has broken down) and let the teenager do its own thing, the only difference is while sometimes our teenagers will make good choices and bad, the hot water system will just make bad decisions and deteriorate without the sacrificial anode. So at 5years old your hot water system needs a replacement parent as its current one is worn out and done.

With the replacement anode this will then increase the life of your hot water tank, saving you money and the need to purchase one at around the 10-year mark.

While we can’t assist you with parenting or helping to get your teenagers to make better decisions, we can look at your hot water system and see if we can expand its life span. If you are wondering if your anode should be replaced by a plumber, we are more than happy to take a look and see if we can assist you with its replacement.