Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections

The purchase of a new home or investment property is one that is not made lightly, it is one of the great Australian dreams to own your own home. With the market hot here on the Gold Coast as people want to make the sea change to warmer weather and beautiful beaches such as Currumbin and Burleigh, properties are selling fast and its often you will only get one maybe two inspections of the property before you put an offer on it, not really knowing what you are purchasing. The purchase of new properties often come with lots of surprises, some great like noticing the great breeze that flows through the house in summer and then some not so wonderful like noticing your backyard doesn’t dry up to well after a down pour of rain.

What a lot of people don’t know is like a building and pest pre purchase inspection, we can conduct pre purchase plumbing inspections. While these are not a common requirement like building and pest, we can be called on to inspect the property prior to purchase to provide a report that will highlight any concerns that may pop up.

We are able to complete inspections of your flexi hoses, hot water systems, toilets, showers and taps, and investigate the working order of your plumbing and drainage that you personally may not be able to do on your one or two inspections of the property. This will indicate what may need to be rectified by the current owners and what may need to be replaced in the near future, or if the plumbing and drainage is to standard on the property.

A pre purchase plumbing inspection can also be more specifically catered to your requirements. For example, if there is some specific water damage noticed in the property by the builder or yourself we can come and investigate before the purchase so if the rectification is significant it may help you negotiate the price or allow for repairs.

While it may be an additional cost to purchasing your new property, it is well worth the money as it could save you hundreds even thousands. So if you’re purchasing a new property and want to gain some insight to the condition of your plumbing, blocked drainage and gas to the property, get in touch and we would be happy to assist you .

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