COVID -19 – We are still open for business

These are truly unprecedented times, and unfortunately a lot of businesses have had to close, due to social distancing laws. However at this stage we are still open and are still working to ensure that you can have all your plumbing, drainage and gas needs met. We will remain open until we are instructed otherwise.

We have since implemented a new COVID-19 policy which you can find on the website if you follow this link

So don’t despair if you have water leaking somewhere.

Maybe your water is meant to be hot and its simply not,

or perhaps your water is brown instead of clear and dripping of a tap is all you hear.

If your loo is floating at the rim with poo, or there is a smell in your bathroom and your not sure what to do.

Don’t hesitate to call we will come sanitised and all, ensuring the best hygiene and that we are squeaky clean.

We will stay away from you and we ask that you do the same to.

We can still get to our customers over the boarder so don’t feel you can’t call us we have a permit in order.

We will continue to service up and down the GC, Currumbin, Robina and Varsity..

We have a card facility so please keep your cheque and cash & we ask that you call us if you’re not feeling flash.

We will contact you if we are under the weather too, we all have a part to play so we can flush this virus down the loo..

We pray that all of our customer stay safe at this time especially for you that are working on the front line.

All the best from Andrew and Alyce at AJB Plumbing.

still trading - COVID -19 – We are still open for business