Do Dual Sinks Block More Than Regular Sinks

Unlike children double does not mean trouble. Dual sink systems don’t tend to block more than single sinks as blockages are not really something caused by the number of sinks connected to a drain but rather what being put down them, and how much.

I have a few great examples of this, and you will notice a pattern.

A customer of ours who was in the events industry had just packed down an event that had a lot of candles and candle holders. She needed to clean off any excess wax that had come on to the candle holders and decided that she needed to wash the candle holders in the sink and dishwasher. Unfortunately for her, wax can be a liquid and a solid depending on temperature, and so while cleaning up the wax from her latest event, she ended up with a very blocked drain, so much so we had to replace the sink drainage and run loads of boiling water to break the wax down..

Another great story is another one of our customers who was in the cake industry and they too had a blocked drain.

She had washed a heap of butter cream down the sink and again butter can be a liquid and a solid… not too long after she had done this her sink backed up because the butter cream had solidified in her drainage, unfortunately this was no plunge job and she required a plumber to come and clear the butter cream from her pipes. (I personally think this is much better used on a cake!)

A third job that comes to mind was a job we had in Robina where the lady had just taken up making a batch of fresh basil pesto. Again, without really thinking much of it she was washing the residue down the sink but as this is a fatty substance with lots of tiny solid bits of basil and nuts it wasn’t long before the basil pesto has caused some panic in their drainage pipes.

It is possible that the drain can gurgle if you are emptying your double bowl sinks that are full of water because of the amount of water being put down the drain at one time, or if the pipe sizing for that particular drainage is incorrect. However if you do have a double bowl sink and empty them at the same time the water should escape relatively quickly. If not you could have a problem, in this case give us a call an we are more than happy to discuss it further with you.

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