S Traps & P Traps – What are they? How do they work?

S Traps and P Traps make up apart of your drainage system. If you have a look under your sink or basin you will notice the waste pipe has what looks like a bit of a roller coaster dip in it, you know the type where your holding on and screaming out of shear excitement or absolute terror I am definitely the latter of the 2. While these S traps/P traps are nothing to look at and frankly just take up a hep of room in your cupboard they actually serve a purpose you will be thankful for. They actually stop the smell from the sewer coming back in your home or workplace.

How, is a really good question and quiet simple is the answer. When you run water into the sink you will notice water will be trapped at the bottom of that roller coaster bend this water then serves a purpose it “traps” the smell from coming up through your sink. The other wonderful thing these “traps” do at times (unfortunately not always) is trap any earrings, rings or precious stones that may get dropped down the sink, that is if they have not been pushed up and over the bend with the force of the water. If you do happen to drop something down the sink, don’t turn the water on or drain any water down the sink, you will be more than likely to retrieve it that way.

So, while these drainage pipes may seem inconvenient at times as they take up storage room I in our sink cupboards they actually serve a great purpose. If you do have any concerns relating to smelly drains or perhaps you have dropped a precious stone down the sink and your looking for a Plumber Robina to be able to assist you, then fill out a contact form or give us a call we would be more than happy to advise you of the next best step.

pipes joints - S Traps & P Traps – What are they? How do they work?