Our top 3 stops to prevent your drains getting blocked


There are a few key things we can practice in our homes each and every day to prevent those unwanted, smelly, disgusting blocked drains. These things may seem like a “No brainer to some, but others are unaware of their impact on your drains which can be costly to the homeowner not to mention our water ways which then effects our environment.

  1. The first STOP that comes to mind is to simply use a strainer and STOP kitchen waste going down the gurgler. Strainers come in a couple of shapes and sizes but the modern-day strainer is normally incorporated with your plug as shown in the picture below the other option is a basic strainer you sit in the sink once you pull the plug.
  2. Secondly STOP hair going down the drain. This is the cause of one of the most common complaints of smells in the bathroom and can be the cause of blockages. Hair does not breakdown in our drainage pipes. Unfortunately, it is more likely to clump up together and be sitting in your basin drain or shower floor waste. The smell old wet hair gives off is unmissable. So, if you have lushes’ long locks when you give them a wash instead of trying to wash the hair down the drain, pick in up and toss it in the bin. Your drains, nose and wallet will thank you for it.
  3. Stop putting anything but toilet paper and your bodily fluids down the toilet. This seems like a no brainer but let me be clear, Tissues will give your toilet issues, as well as ladies sanitary items, nappies, wipes and contraceptive items. If you need to use a “toilet specific” wet wipe we suggest keeping use to a minimum in our opinion they don’t break down as well as toilet paper.
our top 3 stops - Our top 3 stops to prevent your drains getting blocked

Blockages are common problems in drainage pipes, the general warning signs that you have one are the water does not drain quickly, there is a gurgling in your drains, or your gully is overflowing. If your drains are experiencing any of these symptoms and your looking for a plumber Mudgeeraba then contact us we would be more than happy to assist you.