Laughs from our littlest customers!


Some of our most fun and funniest calls have been assisting parents unblocking their toilets and retrieving items from toilets that children have decided to flush, drop or hide in the toilet. A few of these stories come to mind and I hope you can laugh a little at the things these little people do.

One afternoon I had a friend of mine call me with a blocked drain, she said

“I am not sure if it is this but the other day, I think my son flushed my eyeliner down the toilet. I had put it on and then left it on the bench for just a second while I ducked out of the bathroom I have come back and my little one just flush the toilet and  looked up at me with blank stare and it was gone!”

Whist we managed to unblock the drain I don’t think Mum was interested in getting her eyeliner back, imagine the conjunctivitis yuko! This same little boy I believe also had Henry the helicopter doing his final spin down the toilet.

One evening another customer rang me and said, “I am sorry to ring you so late,” and I was like that’s fine, is everything ok? She said “This is a little embarrassing, but I just asked my daughter where her undies were? And she said, “Oh I must have flushed them down the toilet!” “Will this cause us any problems? “

I couldn’t help but have a little chuckle. And to answer her question yes in most cases it should be ok as long as it has just been one pair of undies and there is not a collection building up in your drain.

We have also experienced some toilet disasters from our own children, when my daughter was probably around 2 she was abnormally quiet. So, I went to check on her sure enough she was in the bathroom “cleaning the toilet”, with the toilet brush in hand and lots of toilet water! It wasn’t until a couple of years later she fully blocked the toilet I had her come to me and say  “ Mum I am very sorry “she then took my hand to show me she had put a whole toilet roll down the toilet with water pouring out the bowel! Lucky we are plumbers…

While at the time of these incidents we as parents can struggle to laugh, I can tell you when we get this kind of calls, I absolutely love them, because they are so innocent and just plain funny!

 If you have a little one that treats your toilet like a toy and your looking for a Plumber Mudgeeraba then, get in touch and we can talk you through your toilet troubles.

laughs from the little ones - Laughs from our littlest customers!