Purchasing a Throne AKA a Toilet

So I want to bring up the subject of purchasing toilets, unfortunately there is no way that I know of, to try before you buy. However that doesn’t mean you can just walk in and purchase a toilet without some key information first.

  1. First things first, where is your water point located on the wall? If you’re having your bathroom fully renovated I mean tiles and sheeting pulled off, the location of your water point in most cases can be changed. However if you’re just looking at changing a toilet, the location of the water point is important as you will need to know if the water point for the old vs new toilet is located inside the cistern or down to the left or right of the toilet.
  2. Secondly you need to know if your toilet is an S trap or a P trap. The difference is that the S trap, which is most common, is where the drainage is coming through the floor where as with a P trap, the drainage for the toilet is coming through the wall.
  3. Thirdly you need to know the distance between your water point and drainage, and the distance from the floor to the centre of the water point. These distances will need to be compared to the toilet you’re looking to purchase. For example, if the water point is located by the bowl to the right or the left of the toilet you will need to measure from the centre of the toilet to the closest edge of the water point. You should also get the distance from the wall to the centre of the drain. The drainage is usually able to be moved but if the water point is too close to the edge of the toilet then you will be restricted on the choice of toilet you can purchase.

If this all just seems too hard and you need a plumber in Burleigh to help you, give us a call! We can come out and measure your existing toilet and source some options for you.

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