Cracks – Why your new washers are not working?


Now when you normally have plumber and crack in the same sentence, the crack you’re probably thinking of is not the one in your shower breach. Cracks are just something that for me a really annoying. You know what I mean, you sit on the lounge and instead of sitting on the cushion your sitting on the crack. Or when your little one decides its time to join you and your partner in bed and your pillow gets hijacked and you guessed it your sleeping in the crack of what use to be yours and your partners pillow.

The crack I am talking on today is just as annoying! Let me paint the picture for you, hubby or the handy person of the family has tried to replace the washers in the leaking shower. They are pretty proud of themselves as they manage to do this quiet easily, they then go to replace the washers put the spindles back in only to find the shower is still leaking! So, they takes a trip down to the local hardware to try a different washer but after trying again you guessed it, it’s still leaking!!!

This is because it’s an annoying CRACK! But not in your washer, on your seat. Think of your shower breach as having a seat and the washer is the seal to stop the water coming out. Over time the “seat” can become cracked due to the pressure and wear and tear of the washer. The washer no longer seals the seat once the crack appears and it so therefore your shower leaks. This doesn’t just happen in showers but any tapware that has spindles and washers.

What needs to be done if you have a cracked seat? It needs to be “re-seated” so if you have had a dripping shower, basin or bath and your or someone has attempted a bit of DIY with no luck then get a plumber Nerang minus the “plumbers crack” to help you out. Pick up the phone [0420 882 629] or fill out a contact form and we will be more than happy to help you out.

cracked seat - Cracks – Why your new washers are not working?