AG line AKA Agricultural Line


AG line, what is it? AG line or also known as agricultural line is a drainage pipe that has holes in it to help disperse water with in a retaining wall or somewhere where water can potentially pool such as under a house, in a sand pit, or at the bottom of a hill. It works by having holes in it. I know what you’re thinking, wont the holes just fill up with dirt? The answer to that question is no, not if it is installed correctly. It normally is also covered in something know as geo fab which is like a thin fabric material that is thin enough to penetrate water but doesn’t let passed the gravel and dirt that should surround it.

If you’re like us and come from a Ethnic background and your Nunna puts plastic on the lounge and the whole back yard is Concrete, then ag line is not for you. With concrete or other hard surfaces, a pit or channel block drain generally works best, as water does not penetrate concrete and it needs to be directed into a pit or channel drain.

How ever if you have a section of yard where concrete meets grass and the water is pooling on the lawn, then ag line would be the way to go. But this will vary on different properties and it is best if they are inspected to make the best decision for your situation.

One of the differences between ag line and a drainage pit is that ag line will drain water slowly, this is why it is used in gardens and retaining walls so that the plants can have a drink but they are kept in “well drained soil”.

Ag line works brilliantly in sandy soil which is often found in areas such as Burleigh, Tweed Heads, and Broad Beach. However it can also work in most other ground material but must be surrounded by gravel for it to work effectively.

If you have an area where your thinking of putting a garden, building a retaining wall, or you have water pooling somewhere, get in touch with us at AJB Plumbing and we can get you in touch with a plumber that will be able to provide you with some sound advice.

AG line AKA Agricultural Line - AG line AKA Agricultural Line