Pressure in and on your Pipes

We all know what it’s like to feel under pressure, different pressures can come from work, family, friends and just life in general, and while we can all withstand a certain amount of pressure, we all have a limit, and while that limit varies from person to person, it is often the outsiders that can see the cracks starting to form.

What have our limits got to do with pipe limits? Well it is similar in the context that it is external and internal pressures that can force pipes to burst. It is pressure that is not controlled by the pipe itself. A lot like us humans. Let me give you an example.

External Pressures – you may be thinking what external pressures can pipes actually have? There are a variety- what the pipes are made of is dependent on what they can withstand. Some of the external sources that effect pipe limits are, ground movement, the wrong back fill material can cause rocks to place pressure on pipes. UV rays on some pipes allows them to deteriorate quickly, pipes that are not positioned correctly can create weakness in the pipe. Cars and machinery running over grass areas where pipes are located can cause them to break or become fragile. Growing tree roots can put pressure on pipes causing damage.

Internal causes – To nut it down there is only two real internal causes as to why pipes burst or become damaged and that is simply either too much water pressure or a blockage of some kind. When it comes to water pressure this can vary depending if you are on mains or tank water, people who have excessive pressure in places such as Mudgeeraba, Bonogin and Tallai can have a PLV installed to reduce pressure and stress on their waterlines if they are on mains water. As for blockages these can be caused due to a number of factors, excessive toilet paper, items such as tissues, sanitary items, toys etc being flushed down the toilet, and or trade waste/ hair build up in people’s drains.

So if you have noticed your pipes are under pressure think of a plumber as the psychologist to your pipes. Whether it’s a leak in your water lines or gurgling in your drains, get help from a professional and don’t let the pressure build up.

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