Where is my water meter? How do I shut it off?

water cover 1 - Where is my water meter? How do I shut it off?
water cover 2 - Where is my water meter? How do I shut it off?
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I clearly remember the day I got a call from a friend of mine, the first words she said to me were your never aloud to leave the Gold Coast again in quiet a distressed tone (I was at that time in Sydney visiting family). I was like what’s wrong what has happened? She goes on to tell me that a flexible hose had burst in her ensuite and she could not find her water meter once she eventually did, she couldn’t turn the thing off. Now while in some cases the main water tap can cease its important for anyone living in a house or unit or businesses that occupy premises with water to know where your water meters or shut off valves are and how to turn them off in case you spring a leak.

Generally, on the Gold Coast, most water mains are located at the front of your property in a green box with the label Water meter on it. Now you will be one of 2 people 1. Being “that’s a not brainer” or 2. “How did I not know that” for the later, I’d like to say if you’re not looking for it you don’t need it so don’t feel silly you know now.
If you live in an apartment, your shut off valve can be located in different places, but generally, they are under a kitchen sink, in the laundry or near your hot water system.

If you’re on a property and you have a water meter box it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with it, know how to open it and turn it off.

It’s a good idea to take a flat head screwdriver with you to your meter box and in some cases a set of multi-grips.

You will need the flat head screwdriver to open the meter box like in the picture.

The multigrips may be needed just in case you need to turn off your water and the tap is a bit stiff, you can use the multi grips to grab and leverage the tap to turn it off like in the picture.

So now that your educated in the location of your water meter/shut of valve next time you need to find a Plumber in Burleigh, to fix a leak you can simply turn off your meter and give us a call at AJB Plumbing we would be more than happy to help you!