Waterproofing plays an important role in any bathroom or wet area. While we personally are not licensed to do waterproofing, we like to raise awareness in it being done by a licensed professional, who has extensive experience in doing so. Unfortunately, too often we are called to a job to investigate leaking water and or water damage and find a lot of the time the cause is an issue with the waterproofing membrane.

So, let’s back up a bit: What is waterproofing and how does it work? Waterproofing goes on like a paint and when it dries it becomes a membrane. This paint needs to cover the floor, walls and be partially painted down into drainage pipes. This waterproofing membrane essentially acts like a pool, with drainage holes. When water spills on tiles and penetrates through the grout (grout is not waterproof) it then should run down along the waterproofing membrane and into the drainage.

When bathroom walls or drains are not waterproofed correctly or perhaps the bed of the floor is not falling toward the drain, this can cause water to leak out into places its not meant to and cause significant damage.

As mentioned before plumbers are not licensed to do waterproofing unless they have completed licensing requirements, however if your looking for a recommendation when it comes to engaging a licensed water proofer on the Gold Coast in areas such as Burleigh, Nerang & Robina , get in touch as we have contacts we work with on a regular basis that we would be happy to pass on.

If you found yourself in the situation of finding water where it shouldn’t be, or suspect a leak we are able to come out and look into the cause of the water damage, fix it if it’s a plumbing or drainage issue, and if it’s is a waterproofing issue we can then provide you with a report of our findings.

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