Storm Water and Sanitary Sewerage

Drainage is not something that is thought about unless you are in the industry or it is of interest to you. But something we feel that everyone should be aware of is that there are 2 types of drainage: Sewer and Storm water.

These systems have obviously come a long way since civilisation began, and for one I am thankful we, here on the Gold Coast are not throwing our sewerage down the street! If this were the case, I think Burleigh would most definitely have a different vibe.

Sewer and Storm water- what are the differences? This may seem obvious in their titles: Sewer is for sanitary sewer and Storm water is for storm water… But what do they mean or include?

Sanitary sewer is any water or waste that comes from homes or businesses. Places such as bathrooms and kitchens, restaurants trade waste, water from hairdressing salons, and waste from surgeries and dentistry’s. Just to name a few.

Storm water is specified for rainwater only, this is rainwater or run off that goes untreated directly into our waterways such as rivers, oceans, and creeks. This runoff generally comes from our roofs, gutters, driveways, and foot paths. It is important that we are not washing chemical, paints and other harmful substances into these stormwater ways as it has a direct effect on the environment.

So this is why it important to have these two similar but very different types of drain pipes separated so to ensure that your poo will never be floating down Currumbin creek into those beautiful rock pools.

If you have concerns about your current drainage or were contemplating doing a DYI drainage job can we encourage you to get in touch with a licensed plumber. We are licensed and regulated for a reason, not just for your safety but for the safety of others, our waterways and environment.

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