Water Meters – Not just the BIG BROTHER of water usage

Water Meters seem to have one purpose, for Gold Coast City Council to check each quarter our individual water usage, record it & send each of us a lovely bill at the end of each quarter.

Well the truth is they are a little more useful than that, and we are going to tell you why.

Water Meters also allow you to shut off water to your property in case of a leak. Unfortunately, leaks can occur any time of the day or night. If you ever come across one big or small, it’s important to know where your Water Meter is and how to turn it off. Surprisingly we have been to several people’s properties over our time as plumbers and they have no idea where their Water Meter is or how to turn it off. By knowing where your Water Meter is and how to turn it off you can save significant damage to your home or business. So, I encourage you to find your Meter and or shut off valve if you live in an apartment or complex. I also suggest having a go at turning it off (only do this if it’s to your property only). If you have a bit of trouble doing this with your hands, grab a pair of multi grips for a bit of leverage, but don’t use to much force. By doing this it will provide you with a bit of confidence in shutting the water off in an emergency.

Water Meters also have the ability to give you an indication of a leak on your property. Here are step by step instructions on how;

  1. Shut off all the faucets, and ensuring there are not washing machines, dishwashers, Toilets filling up & irrigation systems or wastewater treatment plants running.
  2. Locate your Water Meter.
  3. Grab your mobile, open the camera app and take a picture of your meter reading if it is not moving significantly.( if it is still ticking significantly after the water is all shut off you definitely potentially have a decent leak.)
  4. Wait five minutes and go back to the Meter and see if the number has changed if it has, I suggest you have a minor leak that needs to be looked at.

Thirdly you can also get a plumber to install a secondary water meter to track usage of a granny flat these types of properties are quite common in the Mudgeeraba area. Sub Water Meters are a great way of monitoring usage for investments and businesses. Sub Meters in some cases can easily be installed but we will need to come out and investigate the property to see if this can be achieved.

Water Meters over all are quite useful,

  1. they track your water usage,
  2. their shut off valve can minimise house flooding when there is a leak,
  3. they can indicate when there may be a leak on your property and
  4. they can monitor water usage for investment and business purposes.

If you can’t seem to find your Water Meter (usually located in a green box on the front of your property), and can’t seem turn it off, then give us a call at AJB Plumbing and we will be able to assist you.

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