Tapware Aesthetics

When you are renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or laundry it is often exciting and a bit of a mind boggle all at once especially if design is not your sweet spot and if you can’t seem to visualise things before they are in place. A great way to get a visual is to go back to primary school and create a collage of the colours and items you would like to see in your bathroom kitchen or laundry. This can give you an idea of how things will come together. However, in this blog I am going to chat about the considerations of choosing tapware. Some of the aesthetic sides to consider that a plumber Gold Coast would notice.

So, I like to keep it simple in to help with your process of elimination when it comes to choosing tapware for your bathroom kitchen or laundry.

Square fittings – In my option square tapware gives a modern and sleek look to your bathroom. If you prefer something slightly softer, I would opt for a square shape with perhaps rounded edges so you still have the modern look with a slight softness to it.

Round fittings – I believe round fittings give off more of a classic look and suit homes that may have more charm to them.

Then we have colour, who would have thought we would have so much choice!

I think in this instance there is much more to consider. Things such as cupboard handles, trim & tile colour. This is where creating a collage or a vision board can help you to get a feel for the colour that would work best.

The most on trend colour at present is Black but we are also seeing a lot of copper colour and rose gold. Chrome however would be the most versatile.

I think it is important to try to remember to keep continuity. Try and keep your tapware similar in each room so your home can feel streamline and so each room has familiarity to the other. It is easy to get excited and want to do every room different and you can absolutely do that, it’s your home. However, when investing in a property with renovations I always like to think how does my home feel? Environment can have a great impact on how we feel and if our homes feel a little disjointed, I wonder if that then reflects on us?

It is important no matter what fitting you choose that you ensure they are installed by a Licensed Plumber Robina and we at AJB Plumbing are available to service all areas of the Gold Coast, Hope Island, Maudsland, Helensvale, Worongary, Broadbeach waters, and right into the Hinterland. Give us a call today and we can assist you with tapware installation.

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