Saniflo Systems – The way to get drainage uphill

If you have ever heard the term “you can’t push poo uphill”, well I am happy to report that that you actually can. While this is not the ideal situation as it is preferable that drainage runs down hill and has fall, sometimes due to fixture position, this is not possible to achieve. So you’re probably thinking ok so what’s the solution? The solution is what is known as a Saniflo. This is a macerater pump, it works by first going through a macerator which consist of blades that breakdown toilet paper and number 2s or solids into a liquid once the toilet is flushed. The pump then pushes the liquid up and into your sewer pipes. Saniflo pumps are designed to sit either within the cavity of a wall or can be installed externally. What this setup is able to do is to break down the waste and then have it pumped up and out via your sewer system.

This then allows for options in where you can install wet areas where drainage runs up hill instead of down, it can include such things as toilets maybe within a shed out at Mudgeeraba, a hair basin in your home to create your own salon, or maybe you want to create an kitchen in your outdoor alfresco area out at Burleigh.

So if you have been told you can’t push poo uphill and require another option, then a Saniflo is the way to go, if this is something you want advice on from a plumber’s perspective, to know whether it is suitable for your situation, then contact us and we are more than happy to offer free expert advice. We will assess your situation and look for the possibilities and best options for you and your home.


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