Plumbing Vs Parenting at Paradise Country

This week’s blog I wanted to take you back a few years now to a day where I took my children to paradise country up at Helensvale. You may be thinking “what has this got to do with any plumbing, drainage or gas fitting?” Well, let me tell you….

There are days with children that seemed to be etched into your mind! This particular day was one for me. On this day I got to take my 6 and 3- year- old to paradise country. Like any day on site there was instant drama, problems and negotiating.

My 3- year- old Son can be a bit like a hot water system, actually come to think of it his built like one too, solid and tough looking on the exterior and full of fluid on the inside that leaks out when he doesn’t get his way. The thing he lacks is a thermostat to regulate the temperature of the hot water system. So, in the heat of that morning as we got out of the car, I asked him to take his jumper off, he was like ‘I don’t want to, I am cold!’ I was like ‘mate it’s 30 degrees in the shade!’ As water began to leak out his system, I wrestled him like most hot water systems to get his jumper off while he had a complete melt down in the car park.

Then we proceeded to the gate. Well, let’s say it was a bit of a walk. This reminded me of when we had to cart tools 2 blocks just to get them to site as access was a nightmare, except the tools I was moving along were whining ‘I am tired, I am hungry’, we needed morning tea before we even got to the gate!

Once we got inside, just like when on site, I had to assess the job. My job that day was to get to the Shaun the sheep show at 11:30, ride the tractor, make sure we see the tiger cubs, pat the baby animals and play with the water. This like any job had to be prioritized and negotiated with my children/ customers which are like a stereo typical old married couple who can’t agree on anything…

Well I am happy to report we completed all of the above however this did include running down the hill to get on the tractor ride with one child in hand, running back up the hill to make sure we got a picture with Shaun the sheep and several Mexican stand offs with the 3 year old.

So, what’s this story have to do with plumbing and what we do? Well, a lot of plumbing, drainage and gas jobs are not straight forward like I had planned. When I planned to take my kids to Paradise Country, I was expecting a lovely enjoyable day out with 2 of my favourite people in the world. Unfortunately for me it didn’t turn out that way and it was more like a nightmare than a dream. But after some assessment, planning and problem solving we got to where we needed to be, while the job may have been tough on me, my little customers got what they needed on the day and were very happy in deed.

It showed me how we manage a job could be applied to parenthood. Let’s face it, work, parenthood, family and life don’t always go to plan but I love how we can take tools from each of our roles and apply them to others.

So, if you’re looking for plumbers that assess, plan and problem solve and apply what they know in and out the industry then give us a call.

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