Do you have access to Natural Gas?

Do you have access to natural gas? If I am to answer that question truthfully, every human on earth has access to natural gas, just not the type that would burn for very long, yet it can have the same effect on evacuating a room. However, I am talking about the natural gas that is formed beneath the earth and not beneath the hips.

Natural gas in our homes is not always readily available as it is often provided by energy companies via main gas lines throughout the community. For this reason, access to natural gas is restricted to whether natural gas infrastructure runs along your street or not. So how do you know if you have access to Natural Gas on you street?

The best way to find out if you have gas on your street on the Gold Coast is to check out “All Gas” website and this will be able to determine whether you have gas line infrastructure down your road. We have provided the link here for you.

If you find you have access to Gas on your street and you would like to connect it to your home it then you need to contact a Gas Plumber Gold Coast to come and assess how and if it can be connected. This is where we come in.  We can give you sound and practical advice on whether natural gas is the best option for your situation.

So, if you’re wanting a different energy source besides electricity, gas is another alternative, but is something that should only be worked on by a licensed Gas Plumber. So if you’re looking for a Plumber Mudgeeraba then why not get in touch? We at AJB Plumbing are happy to answer any questions you may have in relation to access to gas and what type would be best suited for your situation.

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