Gas regulators

Gas regulators are not like ant acid’s that help with your bodily function gases, gas regulators are used to reduce the pressure of the gas stored in bottles and help regulate the gas lines. This then assists in the supply of gas to your appliances whether they be a gas cook top, gas hot water system or gas BBQ.

There are 2 types of gas regulators for LPG bottles. A bit like a car there is Manual and Automatic and like with both Manual and automatic cars there are pros and cons to these.

The Benefits of a manual changeover is once one bottle has run out you will know you have no gas left as your appliance will not light or work. When this happens, you will need to go out and turn on the other bottle. This will make you aware that you are down to one bottle and will need a replacement bottle soon. But it is not so great if you are mid-way through a shower with shampoo in your hair.

The Benefits of an Automatic is that once the gas has run out of one bottle it will automatically change over, which is great if you are midway through cooking up a feast for your in-laws and the gas runs out of one bottle it just automatically switches to the next. But not so great if you don’t monitor the bottles because if you use up both bottles then you will have to wait for the gas man to come out and change them, and that could leave you with a half cooked snag on the barbie and a hungry family to feed.

When it comes to choosing a Gas regulator, its best to work out what will work for you. It is a personal preference thing just like driving an auto and a manual. So if you’re on the Gold Coast and in the market for Gas regulators or just have questions in regards to gas and whether its suitable for you and your family, get in touch with us and we are more than happy to walk you through it and answer any questions you may have in regards to plumbing or gas.

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