All Cisterns Go

Understanding the basics of your toilet can be the difference between having a crap-filled or sun-soaked day on the Gold Coast. When facing issues with your loo, it can be hard to know what the common issues are, or what will end in an emergency call out.

We may not talk about it much but let’s face it, we use the toilet multiple times a day and it too can sometimes need some help to keep “all cisterns go.” But not to worry, this guide will help you to identify when you need to call a plumber burleigh heads.  

Have you ever sat down to relieve yourself and wondered how your toilet works? Or the parts it takes to say goodbye to number ones and twos? Probably not, unless you have had a look under the tank lid. The key parts of any cistern are…

?The Outlet Valve – is the valve responsible for keeping water in and out of the cistern. When you press the flush button water travels from the cistern into the bowl. When it is working correctly, water should be released when the flush button is pressed, and should hold all the water in the cistern when it is not used.

?The Inlet Valve – is your toilet’s regulator that maintains the water level within the cistern. When it is working correctly, it should refill the cistern once it is flushed, and should turn off when it is full.

Some of the common symptoms that indicate your toilet may be having issues relate to how the above parts work together when flushing. Refusing to flush, ghost flushing, or even constantly running will require the expertise of AJB’s plumbing services. As your local Burleigh Heads Plumber don’t hesitate to call 0420882629 when your loo is a no-go. 

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