Things to Consider When Choosing Tapware

Things to Consider When Choosing Tapware 225x300 - Things to Consider When Choosing TapwareChoosing tapware shouldn’t be that hard right? However when the market is this flooded with so many different styles and types there are some things you may need to consider…

Firstly, the style of your home, renovation or home to be. If you’re simply replacing taps in your current home think of what style your home is? For instance, if you have claw foot bath and a country or vintage feel throughout the bathroom, select something of that era. Installing a square mixer would let the look of the bathroom down.

Secondly, practicality. If you’re renovating or starting a new build there are somethings you definitely need to consider like the location of your shower’s mixer. I am not sure about you, but when I turn the shower on in the middle of winter it’s never enjoyable to get dumped with a stream of cold water while you’re waiting for the hot to kick in. These days a lot of new homes and renovations are opting for the mixer tap to be at the entry of the shower while the head is at the other end to avoid discomfort.

When it comes to practicality I love, love, love the hand-held shower and Rain head combo!

  1. You have the option to shower with a normal rain head.
  2. If you have small children (and let’s be frank) they have poop where you didn’t think possible you can wash them down without it floating about in the tub
  3. For the cleaners of the home, this allows you to wash and rinse with this head, much easier than trying to splash around with a bucket!

If you’re renovating and are still unsure of whether things are coming together in a stylish manner a great way to get a visual on this is by creating a collage. Put all of your materials and pictures together to give you a better visual of colours, textures and shapes.

Colour is the other important thing to consider, there are so many different coloured taps and fixtures it is mind boggling. Again, I would go back to focussing on what the actual style of your home is? Do you have an industrial looking home? Then black is great. Rose gold could be used in homes that utilise soft greys, whites and shades of pink that are a bit chic. Gold tapware is best paired with different marbles and stone to give a grand effect. But if you want to keep it simple and classic, we always say stay with Chrome, it goes with almost anything and is timeless. It’s a bit like the whites of the painting world.

One of the most important things, if not the most important thing to consider is, can it be done? Will what you chose fit? Will it be both possible and practical? And what are the costs associated? That’s where we come in. If you need a Plumber in Burleigh Water to asses if your idea will actually work for you, we would love to help! Contact AJB plumbing today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t purchase fixtures or fittings until you have spoken to us unless of course, you can return them.