Suspected Leaking Water Pipes

The first sign you generally get that you have a leak in your home is that you find a puddle of water, some smelly mould or a water stain somewhere it should not be. Water can find its way to different places and likes the element of surprise! Leaks are a process of elimination, so to rule out if it’s your water pipes there is a little test you can do. Firstly ensure all the water is off to your home, this includes washing machines, dishwashers and even a dripping tap or toilet. Once all the taps are off around you home go to your water meter. If it is ticking over (if the numbers are moving) and you’re sure all the water is off then it is highly likely you have a leak. We suggest you get your local licensed plumber in Robina out or you can contact us at AJB Plumbing and we will me more than happy to help you.