Purchasing Toilets

When it comes to purchasing plumbing fittings such as toilets and cisterns, unfortunately there is no one size fits all approach. With so many different designs for the ‘throne’ of the house hold where the average adult according to some English Scientist will spend about 3 and a half hours a week, we want to ensure the right look and fit for that place of privacy (well sometimes private when you have little humans around).

Purchasing a cistern. If you are in the market for a new cistern (the water tank that sits on top of your toilet). If you have an older toilet sometimes what we would describe as the throat of the toilet can be quite large in comparison with what is made today. If this is the case and you swap the old cistern for a new one, the amount of water used to flush may not remove all the waste that is in the toilet because there is not enough water behind the flush. If you are looking to just switch your cistern, it is always best to get some professional advice as sometimes for a little extra you can end up with a whole new toilet that will actually flush your poo down the loo..

When it comes to purchasing a whole new toilet there are a few things you need to consider depending on what type of toilet you are looking at. The first thing is the actual size of the pan also known as the base of the toilet. You will also need to work out whether the water point that fills up the cistern is a top entry or a bottom entry and take a measurement from the centre of the drain to the closest edge of the water point tap, and the height of the tap. You will then need to take a measurement from the back wall to the centre of the drain. Then when you have these measurements you will be able to take these to a reputable plumbing or bathroom shop, there are several of these located on the Gold Coast especially around Burleigh and Nerang, they should be able to point you in the right direction for a suitable toilet suite.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming and you want some advice from a plumber we will be more than happy to help you and obtain some options for you. We can assist you through the purchasing and installation process.