Inspect your inspection opening,
get to know your Gully


Do you know where your inspection openings are for your drainage? Do you even know what an inspection opening is?

Ever had a pipe just sticking up out of the lawn or found one just below the surface of your grass? What about a pipe in the driveway with a cap on it or a grated one down the side of the house located in a path? Or perhaps in a garden bed?  They don’t seem useful to the everyday person, but from a plumber’s prospective they can be like finding a car park at Burleigh beach on a weekend at 10am.

These pipes tend to be one of 2 things.

Firstly, what is known to a plumber as an I.O or in layman terms an inspection opening. These are the best way for plumbers to get access to your drainage should there be a blockage. They allow us to feed either an eel, jetter or camera down the pipes. These 3 pieces of equipment can help us to unblock and locate problem blockages you may have in your drainage system, if we have access to an I.O this means easy access to your sewer lines should we need to clear a blockage. If we don’t have access to an inspection opening this can mean we have to access the line by removing the toilet and there is a risk of damage to that toilet if our only way to access your drainage system is to remove it.

The second pipe that can be sticking out of the ground is what’s better known as an overflow relief gully or ‘gully’. Think of these guys as the mouth or rear end of your plumbing. Like our bodies, sometimes plumbing can have something that doesn’t agree with it, better known as a blockage. The idea of a gully  is to allow the sewer to be vomited or pooped out the sewer line rather than throughout your house. If these become covered and you have a blockage let’s just say that poop or vomit concoction, better known as sewer can end up coming up through your floor wastes and into your home, and cause severe damage.

So do you know where your I.O or Gully is? If you can’t find either of these and have concerns, please give us a call at AJB Plumbing and we will be able to assist you in working out where these might be and if there is any risk to your home.

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