Commercial Plumbing Services – Sydney & Gold Coast

A range of different businesses can require commercial plumbing. Commercial plumbing has different requirements and considerations compared to residential. There is often more volume of water and waste required in order to run a commercial facility and they require water and waste for different fixtures.

Some of the business and plumbing requirements we service are as follows.

Hairdressers – Whether you run a small salon from home and require just a hair basin and a small sink or your salon is of a larger scale and you require a new fit out with 6 hair basins, 3 hand basins, kitchen sink and a washing machine. We can assist you with your plumbing requirements ensuring it is done right the first time and we will ensure that your equipment functions correctly and practically so you can do what you do best, create that new hair styles and make people feel refreshed and amazing!

Restaurants – It’s a huge task to feed just 4 hungry bellies let alone 40 or 400! Plumbing in a commercial kitchen and restaurant needs to be at its best so that you can perform at your best. We at AJB Plumbing understand this, weather you need the toilet in the restroom unblocked, you need a new commercial fit out completed with everything from commercial sinks to commercial gas ovens and cooktops or you simply need a Thermostatic mixing valve tested annually, we can help you!

Shopping Centers – Shopping centers are the epicenter of most local communities. Where ever you are in the center some kind of water is running or some kind of waste is draining. Unlike our homes these run constantly and are heavily used every day of the year. They require more maintenance and quality parts so things are not being replaced due to ware and tare all the time and different shops within a shopping center will have different plumbing requirements. We at AJB Plumbing can help maintain the epicenter of your local community, provide advice on quality parts and quote on plumbing and drainage for new shop fit outs, ensuring the centers plumbing and drainage is running smoothly.

Schools and daycare – are where you hear the pitter patter of tiny feet as they run to meet their friends. The giggles and squeals of kids in the school yard, and the sound of that history homework becoming history as it flushed down the toilet, unfortunately for that student, history will come back and haunt them after we remove it from the toilet bowl. Removal of blockages is not the only thing we can assist with within our schools and daycares. We can install a new zip hot water boiler in the staff room for the pick me up at recess or little lunch. Or replacement of those taps in the science labs that our high school friends decided to do a swinging experiment on.

These are just a few of the commercial areas we at AJB Plumbing can help with, if your requirement has not been mentioned please fill out the quick contact form and one of our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.