Solar Hot Water Systems

If you lay out in the sun for a while capturing its warmth or at times extreme heat pretty soon you can being to feel like a fried egg on bitumen. What is absolutely fantastic to know is while feeling like a fried egg on bitumen is not great this heat you are feeling from the sun’s rays can be captivated and used to heat the hot water in your home. Solar hot water is one of the most energy efficient hot water systems you can get!

How do solar hot water heaters work you ask? To put it simply the heat from the sun is captured in the solar panels or evacuated tubes, this heat is then transferred to the water moving through the panels or tubes, this water is then collected and put into a tank for you to use to wash the kids after one fell asleep in the spaghetti and the other decided to become a tattoo artist and scribbled all over themselves.
There are a range of solar hot water systems, and they are designed to suite different needs. Some of these options are listed below to help you understand solar hot water systems a little more.

Evacuated Tubes – We highly recommend the Thermann evacuated tube systems. These tube systems are reliable and efficient, one of the benefits of the tube system is if the tubes become damaged in a storm or because the kids believe the back yard is the local stadium and a ball busts one of the tubes you only have to replace the tubes that are damage and not the entire panel! These tubes are relatively inexpensive and a great option.

Roof Mounted Solar – This option is where the panels and tank are mounted on the roof.  This is beneficial if you’re limited for space to have the tank put on the ground.

Split Solar Hot Water System – this is where the tank and panels are separate. The panels get put on the roof and the tank on the ground. These solar hot water systems all come with the option of being electric or gas boosted for the days where the sun does not provide enough heat for the System.

A lot of the solar hot water systems come with the option to be either gas or electric boosted. What this means is if you live in an area that does not produce enough sun in the cooler months to supply your home with hot water via solar only, your hot water tank can be boosted/heated by a gas or electric hot water system so you never run out.

Solar will not suite every home or budget so if you would like to know if solar is the best option for you, or you need some repairs done to your current solar hot water system, then you can either fill out a quick contact form or jump on the phone and give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you!

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