Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

We believe in saving a dollar or 2 when you can! So if you don’t have access to gas and solar is not suitable there is still an economical option for you when it comes to hot water systems. This being what is known as a Heat Pump hot water system.

How are heat pump hot water systems economical you may ask? Well, Heat pump hot water systems work very similar to a refrigerator but instead of transferring cold from the air they transfer the heat from the air to our water, creating hot water, and you know what that means? Yes HOT showers!

If you live in areas where you get a lot of frost or even snow we don’t recommend a heat pump in these conditions. However some of the brands will state that these can still be used in icy conditions, this would just be our recommendation.

Like other types of hot water systems available there are a range of different brands available to you.

Rheem – Are a well known Australian hot water brand and they have 2 types of Heat Pump Systems.

The Rheem HDI 310 Heat Pump: These are backed up with an electric element so it will still heat up on those cold wintery nights. These also need to run on continuous power or extended off peak (at least 16hrs per day). So it would be a good idea to check with your power supplier before you purchase one of these.

The Rheem MPI 325 and 410: These Heat Pump tanks are recommended for Warmer climates so if you live in North NSW or QLD these are ideal (The 410 is only available in these areas). Again these need to be put on continuous power or extended off peak so you will need to check with your power supplier before purchasing one of these.

Check out this link for more information on Rheem Heat Pumps: http://www.rheem.com.au/domesticheatpump

Dux – Have a heat pump hot water system known as airoheat. This hot water system is the industries most awarded heat pump system, this hot water system does not require a backup element as it is equipped with a deicing function you can read more about this by clicking on the following link. http://www.dux.com.au/heat-pump

Rinnai– Also have a Heat pump hot water system on the market known as Hotflo integrated heat pump hot water system. Rinnai also have a split system which is a commercial grade option. This is a great option if your current system resides indoors as you can leave the tank in its current position but have the pump placed outside. This commercial grade option can generate up to 700L of hot water a day which is a good option if you run a business such as a hair dressing salon. Again you can find out more about the Rinnai range by clicking the following link. http://www.rinnai.com.au/hot-water/hot-water-storage-systems/electric-heat-pump/

All of the above brands are great options and they come with minimum 5 year warranty on domestic use. If you would like more information on whether a heat pump hot water system is a good option for you or would like some advice on purchasing a hot water system of any kind we would be happy to have that discussion with you and provide you with any advice.

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